Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Delivery Range?
We deliver to most zip-codes inside the Metro Atlanta (285) perimeter. We will be enabling a place to check if your neighborhood is within our delivery zone.
What are your Delivery Fees?
Currently we charge based on the distance from our warehouse to your neighborhood. Our ranges are as follows:
Within the Metro Atlanta Perimeter...
  • Purchase less than $49, $7.99 delivery fee
  • Purchase more than $49, FREE delivery
Outside the Metro Atlanta Perimeter...
  • Purchase less than $49, $11.99 delivery fee
  • Purchase more than $49, $5.99 delivery fee
Is there are Minimum Order?
No. However we encourage you to take advantage of our delivery fee structure. We have designed it so that we can optimize our trips and effectively reduce unecessary waste.
Are your Products Certified Organic?
Yes. Any product that we offer that has an Organic designation is Certified Organic. We will soon be adding a section detailing the different levels of measures taken by our growers and producers.
Are you Adding more Products to Your Selection?
Yes. We are adding products almost daily. If you have any requests or suggestions, please send us a note at
Can I Specify How I Want My Produce?
Yes. Before placing your order just add any comments regarding your preferences.
Do I Have to be Home when my Delivery Arrives?
We prefer you select a time-slot that fits your schedule so we can give you your healthy items. We can leave them by your door, however please make sure you don't leave any perishables or frozen items for more than 1 hour. If you think your items will be out for more than 1 hour, then if possible leave a cooler outside. Our goal is to help reduce the significant food waste we experience in America, and by coordinating a better delivery experience we can start solving it. To arrange this, just add an additional comment during check-out or simply tell your driver (your will receive a text with a link to track your driver) that you can't be home and you want us to leave the items by your door.
What is your Return Policy?
We guarantee our products 100%. If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we can issue a replacement or refund. If you want to return specific products for other reasons, we have a $5 pick-up fee or you can come to our office to avoid the fee. We issue returns up to 90 days after purchase and all you need is your order ID #, Last Name and either e-mail or zip-code used.

How do you measure/price items sold by the LB?We utilize Georgia Department of Agriculture Certified scales to measure any item sold by the LB. In addition all of our "by the LB" items are guaranteed to weigh at least the quantity published, so you won't get any adjustment or random charges afterwards!